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Posted on: September 19, 2012

The first time I was afraid, was from scary dreams I had them often when I was younger and they were always reoccurring. The scariest one was about a wolf and he was cartoon I don’t know if it was something I saw on T.V or something I created in my head. But this wolf would constantly appear in my dreams as a child. Sometimes it was a dream all about this wolf and him chasing me or sometimes it was the happiest dream then all of a sudden everything changed and the wolf would appear and suddenly the dream was scary as I ran or hid from this cartoon wolf. The fact that this wolf was cartoon made him even scarier since he could do the things that only make sense in cartoons, like unhinge his jaw and swallow a person whole, or sneak through tiny spaces by thinning himself out, or that he could talk. But the fact that he was a cartoon and everything else in my dream wasn’t should have been a hint to me that it wasn’t a real life situation. But every time I appeared he would chase me although he never caught me, and I didn’t know what he would do if he did, this reoccurring dream character haunted my dreams for years as a small child. My mom always questions where this imaginary figure came from, was it the wolf from little red riding hood, or from a Saturday morning cartoon or was it because they use to joke that the dog in the yard behind us was a wolf. Regardless of where it came from nothing kept me up more than this wolf and even to this day I can still picture what he looked like in my mind. While I had numerous scary dreams as a child this one takes the cake, while I still have scary dreams now this wolf never makes a reappearance, maybe because I have accepted and dealt with the fact that he isn’t real and cant harm me. But still to this day I do not have reoccurring dreams although it was something that happened often as a child. But now when I watch a movie or TV show with a wolf it scares me a little more than it should, even though with today’s technology the wolfs are much more realistic and scary then my basic animation wolf who haunted my dreams as a young child

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