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The last time i was truely happy…

Posted on: September 20, 2012

When was the last time I was really happy? This past summer, not any specific day but honestly just most of it. I took a spring course so I shortened my summer vacation by a month which I think made me appreciate it a little more. Not that a three month summer is too short or anything. But this summer was something completely different than any other summer. I was free from the stress of school and assignments and balancing my whole life like I attempt to do during the school year. I didn’t have to fear that one thing going wrong could tip this whole balancing act I had going on. No not at all this summer was unlike any other one.

Every summer previous since I have been in university has gone two ways, I either had a full time job that consumed all my time and energy i.e. year after first year I worked construction at a solar farm in Sarnia which is now the biggest solar farm in north America (google it), or other years where I like many other university students struggled to find summer employment and therefore spent my summer laying around my parents house like a waste of space with absolutely no purpose. But not this summer I was proactive to prevent the later from happening and in turn created an ideal summer.

While many people view summer for university student as the time when you work as many hours as you can handle to make as much money as you need to get you through the next year,  I didn’t do that. I chose to stay in St.Catharines and remain at my part-time job I hold during the year, while I did intend to find another job it just didn’t work out that way. So I lived alone in a house normally filled with 4 other girls. This was my first time living alone and for a girl who hates spending a night alone in her parents home which she grew up in this was a scary prospect. But I survived as I knew I would and I learned to be more independent. As well I had found the perfect balance in my summer, I worked any where from 15- 40 hours  a week at a job I loved with coworkers who respected me and my time. I had a new relationship which was still in the honeymoon phase which was multiplied by the carelessness of summer love. I had a few friends in the area to spend free time with but who had busy lives of their own and didn’t feel the need to hang out at all hours of the day. Therefore this summer allowed me to grow as a person and get to know myself better, as well earn money to cover my costs of living as well as a potential reading week trip this year. I felt at ease all summer no real pressing worries were upon me but I had things to do and people to see. This is how I see happiness as having this perfect balance in my life where I can be at ease in my life and confident in myself. But maybe the next time I find my self truly happy it will be a completely different kind of happy.

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