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What will you miss when you die?

Posted on: September 20, 2012

What will I miss when I die? Well first off will I know I miss it? I really don’t know but for the point of this exercise: I will miss the people I love, the people I care for, the people who are in my daily life. I hope I will miss my children and my grandchildren and my wonderful husband I have been married to for many happy years. I hope I will miss the house we’ve lived in for years that we all grew in my children growing in to adults, and my grandchildren spending holidays, birthday maybe sick days in. I hope I will miss my life in general I hope that when I die I have a full and happy life to miss.

When I die I will miss food, will they have food where I will go when I’m dead? I have always found people take so much pleasure from food we will turn to it when were sad, or happy or coming together. I will miss the way people come together around food. And the way you can make food for someone and the look of delight and joy you see on their face. I will miss those little moments of joy and perfection that you encounter, that in the moment you don’t think much of, but later you see the importance of these memories to you and to whom you have grown to become.

I think I will miss everything not just these few items that pop off the top of my head but I will miss life in general. I try to live each day in  way that allows me to love life, a quote I have permanently tattooed I my side as I way to remind me that you just need to love life. Its hard to pick specific moments, objects or people I will miss because I will just miss life as it is a love of mine


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