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Things in front of me…

Posted on: September 23, 2012

Things in front of me… the computer I write this on, white key board and touch pad, light up keys, on the computer the OFFA prompt End I just wrote its still on the screen directly below this I can’t stop thinking about its giving me chills, and there is right in front me while I try to focus on something else.

Red cup sitting next to me plastic transparent filled half way with water (half full not empty) formerly it resided in the decew cafeteria but its my token from first year. Both these object sit on a table. A fold up wooden table I recently took from my grandparents house. It folds up nicely and slides away when I don’t need it for my computer or food.

We use to use these at my grandparents, sometimes when I was younger and I was sick, I would lay on the couch and my grandma would set one of these table up in front of me with some type of snack or flat pop to settle my stomach. Or on holidays sometimes we would set up appetizers on them in the living room. Or when my grandma got sick, it was ahrd for her to walk from room to room, so we would set this up  in front of the couch for her and she could just sit up and eat off it. Wow all that from a table I guess its one of the more meaning ful pieces of furniture I own.

My feet are on this blue shag rug, my mom got it for me for Christmas last year, it was one of the only things she got me that I didn’t ask for, therefore she was most excited to give it tome. She couldn’t wrap it its too big, so she scrunched it up and tucked it in a bag so she could still get the satisfaction of watching me open it. It was perfect it fit with my then blue room at school perfectly. She was so proud of herself. Now its awfully dirty, we don’t have a vacuum and the long hairs hold onto everything so shaking it out doesn’t do much. But the hairs are everywhere I find them on my cloths in my hair on my books, at my boyfriends house in the car. Its like it sheds, but its somehow not bald yet. How can it track all these hairs all over the place but still maintain it s shaggy like quality. This I will never understand.

I’m sitting on the couch my moms cousin Pattie gave me. It has the most ridiculous pattern I don’t think I can do it justice by describing it. Well I guess the background colour would be a cream/almost light yellow (where’s my dad with his perfect colour descriptions when you need him) then it has a series of vines and leaves all over it I’d say the dominate colour is yellow, but these red, green blue  pink leaves on it. Really you will never understand this without a visual. Any way it’s from IKEA and the only reason I wanted it is that its so bizarre no one will ever have the same one, oh and it fold out to a bed, not a pull out bed but the cushions just unfold into a bed.

(I was going to attach a picture but I just can’t give you the satisfaction of knowing the awesomeness of this couch, because despite its ridiculous description and appearance on first glance its is awesome)


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