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pictorial assignment

Posted on: September 25, 2012

A picture is suppose to be worth a thousand words, well this picture really is to me. I think what I like most about it I don’t remember it so I have to take it at the face value, for exactly what’s in it and every little clue I can take from it. As well it was a picture I had never seen before, when you see a picture over and over if its hanging on a wall, or in a photo album you often look it tends to loose its value, if you wanted to you could picture it on command in your head. But this wasn’t like that at all. When I found it also plays a big role in its importance. After my Grandmother passed away we searched for picture to create a slideshow for the visitation I don’t know who contributed this picture but I knew I had to have it. My grandmothers birthday was the day after mine and later my younger cousins was a few day after hers so we always had celebrations together. In the picture this is one of those celebrations pre my youngest cousin. I’m sitting on my grandma’s lap as we blow out our birthday candles together. My grandpa is sitting next to us looking silly with birthday hat on, and my cousins on the other side all watching. When I see this picture it reminds me not only of my grandma but of all the birthday’s we shared together and that was something special. When I look at the picture I’m not drawn to how silly everyone looks with their big glasses or crazy styles of the 90’s but I’m drawn to how beautiful my Grandma looks and how you can see the love she had for me. If any stranger were to look at this photo it merely looks like a 3 year old sitting on her grandmas lap blowing out the candles on her birthday cake. But to me it’s a symbol of how we will always be bonded with our early august birthdays. I was to young to remember this particular birthday (I think I was turning three) but I will always keep this picture. As every year after we took an awkwardly posed group shot of the three girls and their birthdays which never turned out nice, this picture just encompasses so much more to me, in all the it represents. Its worth more to me know than when I found it as my grandfather who is in the picture has also since passed away, and this may be the only picture of just me with them. Today a copy of this picture is placed on my mirror so I see it everyday as I get ready to start my day or as my day comes to an end. And like I previously mentioned pictures loosing value the more you see them this one never will because to me it is so much more than a picture.


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