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A time I didn’t fit in

Posted on: September 30, 2012

A time I didn’t fit in, well no moment sticks
out more to me than starting at a new school. I have never moved I’ve grown up in
the same house my whole life, and I always felt bad when a new kid came into my
class who had been switched to this school because there parents moved, so I
always made a point to be nice to them, because I would never want to be in
there situation. Then when I was in grade 6 at the school I had been in since
kindergarten I found out my school was shutting down at the end of the year.
Everyone of us was going to have to go to a new school, and to make things
worse we were being split up based on where we lived. I was going to be going a
different school than all my friends in an area of town didn’t know. So I chose
to go the public school in my area that actually was right next to my old
school. None of my close friends were doing the same, but at least I would be
in the same area as before. On the first day the hundreds of new kids were
placed in the gym at this new school. We learned we were not going to be split
up but that all the new kids would be in the same class with some of the
students who had always gone here. I was excited, there was lots of familiar
faces, but as we were separated and brought to our new rooms something became
very clear to me, I was the only new girl. Yah there was lots of other new kids
from my old school but I was the only girl in my grade that had chosen to go to
the public school. When we got to the class room all the “original” kids of the
school stared at us as we took seats in the back of the class. As we waited for
the teacher to begin we all chatted away, so I talked to the boys from my old
school that I knew. Well that was a huge mistake. Being in grade 7 all the
girls in the new school were excited to get a whole bunch of new guys in their
grade to flirt with and have crushes on, but they had a territorial view point about
the new girls taking away the guys they had grew up with. When we all walked in
the first day they were happy to see their girl competition wasn’t as bad as
they thought since I was the only one. But I had come in and with one small
conversation instantly became the enemy. They saw me as the new girl who was
friends with all the new boys and instantly a threat to their potential new
crushes. For the first few days I got quite a few dirty looks, and snide
comments. I didn’t understand what I had done to make these girls dislike me.
So for the beginning of the school year the girls in my grade would not accept
me, so I was left out of the gossip at recess, or sleepover and movie dates
they went on. It wasn’t until later when the girls accepted me and I began to
fit in at my new school that someone told me the fears these girls had dreamed
up about me, what was silly was that I had no romantic interest in boys at the
time anyway


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