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What is this life I’ve been living?

Posted on: October 1, 2012

What is this life I’ve been living that an awfully good question… I don’t know if its appropriate to ask a university student, or even someone of my age that question, or maybe it is a really good idea. Because I don’t think many of us know where were really headed and we kind of stuck in this limbo of kind of the real world but not really, I mean I don’t live at home any more, and I do my own cooking and laundry but my parents are still a huge part of my life even tho they are three hours away and I see them once a month if that. So maybe this is a good question to ask people in my situation who are constantly asking where is my life going. No what is this life I’ve been living.. we’ll right now I could sum up the current state and past month of so in one word balance. It has become an ongoing balancing act, school, homework, work, friends, family, boyfriend, my sanity, its all about finding time for every one of these things, sometimes more or less for certain one. And I’ve become more focused on my self at the same time ( not sure how that fit in there) but on my health and living an healthier lifestyle, eating better being active not taking stupid risks, all more important to me now then they were before. Well I guess you could kind of call that last bit there growing up. This life I’m living right now, I mean its pretty great I’ve got all the necessities, and although its hectic and stressful at most times I think it needs to be its more stimulating that way, other wise I think my brain would turn to mush if it was easy and flowed along all the time. No I like it this way keeps me on my toes.

But this life I’ve been living its been a lot of school going on there, with the exception of the first 4 years of my life school has always been there. So I guess its leading up to this end of school two years left and then a major part of my life is done, in fact is probably one of the most consistent things I’ve had in my life… that’s a scary thought. What to do when I don’t have school any more I mean most of my life has been about school, then suddenly its going to be over. I guess I understand now why some people just keep going back “professional students” they are. But that makes a lot of sense I mean when I finish school I need to be a part of the ‘real world’ but school prevents that so holding onto it makes sense.

But I’m growing up I just noticed that in my writing but yes in fact no physically any more but emotionally and mentally growing up and so I guess when the life im living no longer has a school component I will accept it and move on to the next chapter, well here’s hoping.


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