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Posted on: October 2, 2012

Someone who was a teacher for me that’s easy my dad, don’t be sentimental not so much when your talking about someone who raised you. This prompt is tricky, someone who was a teacher for you obviously has some sentimental attachment but here goes anyway:

My dad currently 56 but his role as a teacher has been as the last 21 years go on. He’s kind short for a guy but tall to me because I’m short and he’s my dad. He has salt and pepper hair and a handle bar moustache that will blow your mind with how awesome it is. Any way his role as a teacher, well whose dad isn’t a teacher to them regardless if its his daughter or son, but theirs a reason I choose him to talk about. My dad as a teacher used every situation as a life lesson, imparting a moral or skill with out me knowing half the time. He expected me to be able to do things beyond what I thought I could, and the fact that I was a girl and this wasn’t a girl skill or task was not an excuse. I wanted him to build me something ( a shelf, a bookcase) he wasn’t just going to do it, he was going to teach me to do it. I can see now his goal was to shape me into an independent person with skills and knowledge on various topics. Weather it was his intention or not I think he wanted me to learn a lot of things so  I wouldn’t have to really on another person to do them for me, particularly another man. He always had a smarter more effective way to do things, and this always showed me the first way isn’t always the right way. He opened my eyes to many things I would just assume I wasn’t capable of doing, but he showed me I could do. Although this wasn’t the you can do anything if you set your mind to it, it was more of don’t always look to someone else to solve your problems, you can probably solve some of it on your own. To this day he is the one I turn to with curious questions that could have to do with just about anything, because he usually knows the answer, if not he will find it. I guess what works best about this teacher student relationship is our similar personalities although this does cause us to but heads often since were both very stubborn. We also have a similar way of thinking and are often curious about the same things. Some times he just knows something I’m curious about so he will ask if I know the answer and usually through posing the question out loud it prompts me to come up with an answer not always the right one tho. I guess most plainly that is why my dad has been one of my greatest teachers and he inspires who I want to become as a teacher- that got a little sentimental at the end there but hey he’s my dad.


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