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Posted on: October 9, 2012

How I was wild and green in the ways of the world what does that mean?? I get the sense its asking about how I know the ways of the world or something along those lines, well I don’t think im qualified to answer that I haven’t lived enough. So instead I will tell you about one time when I was WILD

The summer before I went to university, me and my 4 girl friends decided to go to this long weekend summer concert that had a campground attached so you camped there then each night there was a big ticket concert. We heard about it agreed we wanted to go and we just did it, I don’t even think I asked my parents. And looking back I’m shocked they let me go and let alone take our van, I don’t think I would have let 17 year old me do that. I mean my dad had been to this “campground” before if you could call it that, it was actually just a fenced in field next to a race track. Before I left he said to me “niki make sure you girls watch your drinks, the boys there like to take advantage” and I just shrugged it off because there was obviously going to be two different crowds there then what my dad was use to.

We got there and got in a huge line to get into this “campground” and security came along, asked me if we had any weapons? No. any glass bottles? No. Alright go ahead, as we drove on we all thought sweet they didn’t ID us and they weren’t going to take our booze away. We got in got settled in our section of grass situated the van and started drinking. After what was probably only a few hours of drinking in the sun in our bathing suits with tons of other people, a Frisbee landed on the roof of my van. No big deal it had a ladder up the back (it was one of those huge “shagging wagons” vans as my friends called it, with shag carpet and a table in the middle) I climbed up the  ladder and retrieved the Frisbee. Then one of my girlfriends said pose for a pic, so I did. Next thing I knew people were running to get on top of my van. After about 20 minutes I got everyone off, but not after piles of pictures had been taken and we had been filmed by the event promotion crew.

I didn’t think anything of it, until later when my dad saw the pics and freaked out! You let people on top of the van, that’s why the roof of it is so messed up. It wasn’t the most wild thing id ever done but my dad acted like it, and unfortunate they still play clips of it when they advertise events at that campground.


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