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Posted on: October 10, 2012

Something I tried to repair, well there’s lots of things I’ve tried to fix but for the most part failed, when it was some type of device, or technology. I’m good with my hands for the most part but not so much at fixing things. So ill take a different approach here, I tried to repair a relationship with my best friend it was defiantly broken but that was something that she refused to acknowledge was broken.

Any time I addressed how our friendship wasn’t what it use to be or how she didn’t treat me the same, she put up a wall, or tried to turn it around to make me the guilty one. But it was clear she didn’t care but she wouldn’t admit it. She stop trying or caring about me or my feelings, she just cared about herself and what was best for her at the time. I wasn’t the only one she did this too there were more of us. Eventually after a summer of fighting all the time it was over I wasn’t going to try to be friends anymore, and once I stopped it was clearly over. I didn’t hear from her or see her because I was always the one who made an effort. But now that its over she plays the role of the victim to others, telling horrible stories about how we all ganged up on her, and now we get together a talk bad about her (none of which is true). But she will never say it to our faces because she knows that its her fault, so let her play the victim and make me out to be a horrible person, the people who know me won’t believe it and the people who really get to know her will be able to make an easy guess at why we grew apart. So I didn’t repair our friendship but I believe that was for the best, if it was worth repairing I would have put more time and effort in but I learned something’s are just better broken,


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