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Posted on: October 11, 2012

Why nothing worked, this week these prompts they just don’t work for me not this week. My piece to be work shopped was this week, and sometime last week I was walking home after my academic advising appointment, id gotten off the bus and was walking down my street thinking of my topic when… just like that inspiration struck me I could see it all I knew where it started and where it ended and I was getting it all in in ten minutes. So I rushed the rest of the way home and cranked it out. I didn’t post it right away I wanted to sit on that one a while.

That was the earliest I had done one of the prompts, I was feeling good and inspired I will do another, hell maybe ill get all 5 for this week done so far in advance. Then I read the other prompts. I hated them hated them ALL. Usually there’s one I don’t like as much as the others or maybe a couple that I just need to mull over before I write. But no it was like reading these prompts and trying to drudge up material was like an instant inspiration blocker. Well no harm I still had lots of time.

A few days later I returned to them, they still sucked no such luck writers block, im not sure but I just wasn’t feeling it. Monday at the beginning of the week, went through read them all, still nothing. Forced my self to pick the best of the bunch and write ten minutes Go. It sucked but it was something.

Tuesday read them over, more nothing. Pick one write ten minutes go. It stunk it wasn’t good I know I could do better.

Wednesday its crunch time were getting these done. Went back to my prompt one decided I was satisfied with it posted it. Maybe that will give me the push I need. Read my next prompt… what does that even mean… googled it I was way off. Had a little inkling of a thought ran with it 9 minutes in I couldn’t do any more. That’s the first time I haven’t made it seconds past or seconds before the buzzer. On top of that it sucked.

So here I am the last prompt of the week 5 this week the most we’ve done so far and the worst bunch of them yet. So when I couldn’t think of something to write about when nothing worked why not my frustration with these prompts. They don’t fit me and there boring, I don’t really get some of them and the writings I did suck… this week.


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