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Posted on: October 13, 2012

No thank you, I do not want to work a split shift today, I am a student and I have homework A LOT of it and I don’t have time for it. Yes I would like the money but NO I don’t need it. Right now my time  is more valuable than minimum wage and the stress headache I will get if I come into work right now. I know you are a manager and this store and job are a big part of your life seeing as this is your source of income, and yes working here is a big part of my life but it isn’t my whole life. I don’t have to work I do it because it will make my life easier and I wont have to worry about money all the time. Also for the most part I enjoy working here and some of the customers and all the people I work with. But today no thank you I would not like to spend my morning that I was suppose to be sleeping in, running around like chicken with its head cut off because everyone else decided not to pick up there phone or not to show up, or because you have no one coming in at 10 since you just didn’t check the answering machine this morning. NOT MY FAULT, I sympathise with you I really do its stressful I know but I don’t need this. No thank you I don’t need you piling guilt on me. I don’t need to you to take advantage of the fact that you know ill come in for you. I have a life and there’s a lot going on in it. I have school and work, and homework and my boyfriend and this thing its called sleep. And all these things need attention and luckily work is the one that the attention it gets is pre scheduled so I know when I start with that and when I end. So when you throw me in a situation and force me to come in I will not be to happy. No thank you I don’t need you to give me a list of 20 things I need to do before the door has shut behind me as I walk in. And No thank you I don’t need each of the 3 managers giving me a separate task they want me to do before I’ve even finished what I am currently doing. You are going to make my head explode, or one day I might just up and quit, it would be one of those heat of the moment things though and you would know that but then you would see how stressed out you all make me.

No thank you I do not need to take my work stress home with me. I have other things to stress about, 10.25 and hour is not enough money for me to take my work home with me but I do I can’t help it. Because that’s the kind of person I am and you know it and you take advantage of it. Well no thank you, next time you call me out of bed on my only day to sleep in I will most defiantly be saying no thank you, followed by some super made up excuse that will not cause you to continually ask me again and again to come in. No thank you.


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