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Posted on: October 13, 2012

What’s out side my bedroom window? Conveniently I’m sitting at my computer on my desk which faces… the window. It’s a really gorgeous fall day, well it looks like it is anyway the sun is out the sky is blue there is a few clouds in the sky. Our grass is flourishing its nice a green it could use a cut. I can see a number of trees which are exhibiting some beautiful fall leaves the on closest to me although has very few leaves left on it they’ve all gone yellow and are littering the grass and road in front of my neighbours house. The tree across the road although has a nice ombre going on one side of the tree is completely yellow the other side is completely green, but throughout the middle there is a nice transition between the two. The house this tree belongs to is such a lovely nice family home. And Asian family just moved in a few months ago, mom dad and a little girl who is very cute. There is no fence on the side of there house so its open to go into the back yard, but they put it lovely copper gate which looks like a gate into a secret garden there. Right now what’s drawing my attention the most is a neon multicoloured pin when in he garden that is blowing in the wind. By looking at house they have decorated there house you can tell this pinwheel was the little girls idea as it looks quite out of place. There lawn is sparsely littered with leaves, which is kind of shocking because every time I see one of the parents they are sweeping or raking in the front yard. There was a horribly windy day yesterday though so I’m sure later this afternoon they will be cleaned up. Oh a girl just jogged by on the other side of the street, in a neon green sweater and black leggings, It is defiantly the perfect day for a morning jog. I’m sure if I looked out my window all day I would see more joggers and dog walkers than cars that drive down my street today, its just one of those days where  everyone wants to be outside since you don’t know if this could be the last sunny day before the ground is covered in snow.


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