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Posted on: October 14, 2012

A clock I’ve looked at a lot, my alarm clock in my room. Before I left for university I needed an alarm clock for two reasons, 1. to wake me up for class my cell phone alarm was not reliable and 2. so I would have a clock to look at when I needed to know what time it was so I wouldn’t be late for class. So here I am kind of the same clock. Its black Sony alarm clock with green numbers its digital. I swear it is always the alarm clock that is in the university or dorm section of what ever department store during back to school season. I see tons of them in other people’s bedrooms. It is a very reliable alarm clock I can always could on it, and the best feature, it knows when day lights savings is and adjusts its self! Also no matter how long its unplugged it always knows what time is when I plug it back in, same if the power goes out. But it doesn’t even have a backup battery! This shit cray I know! But my mom bought it for me as part of my birthday present before I went to university along with a nice coffee cup a laundry basket you know those kinds of things. Well in second year it was still working like a charm but the button to adjust what time the alarm would go off wasn’t working very well. I refused to buy a new one cuz it works so well, so instead I went to walmart bought the same alarm clock I swear they will forever have this alarm clock its like a staple of a students life. So I went home put the new identical alarm clock in my room and packed the old one back up and returned it and got my money back.

I stare at this clock a lot, when I get up in the morning, while I get ready to make sure I’, going to make it to the bus or to work on time. When I wake up in the middle of the night I stare at it. When I’m waiting for my boyfriend to come over and he’s late, or I’m waiting for my favourite show to come on. While I’m getting all dolled up to go out I stare at it a lot to see what time it is and judge if I should be ready yet. When I’m laying on my couch and reading for class I stare at it a lot as well. When I leave to go home for a few days I always stare at it to check for the little dot that tells me the alarm is still set to go off.


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