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Posted on: October 16, 2012

A time I was instantly enamoured by? Well I had never heard this word before so now after a quick google define: search I now know you want to know about something I was instantly captivated or charmed by. Well I’ve sat here twenty minutes before I started my timer, and couldn’t come up with anything. I’m sure its happened but I  can’t seem to recall it.

I would love to tell you that when I met my current boyfriend who I am currently enamoured by that the second we met there was that connection that I will never forget for the rest of my life. But I can’t cuz I was drunk when we met and when I look back I can tell you what booth we were sitting in as we talked but that’s about it, I quickly knew that I was going to be enamoured by him  after a few sober times we talked but it wasn’t instant.

Then I realized books, I have always been enamoured by books. When I was on the bus in JK the girl next to my Jillian had a book, I instantly wanted to know where she got it. She told her the teacher gave it to her. So that day when we got to school I marched up to the teacher and demanded I have a book also. After she made sure I knew what letters were which she gave me my first book. I’m not sure if I loved reading or if I was just jealous someone else had a book and I didn’t. As I grew up I would read long while my mom read to me and was soon consuming hundreds of pages books in a matter of hours. But I don’t know if it was an instant love or what.

The more I sat and brainstormed, the more I racked my memory the more I came up blank. But it was a feeling I had known before for sure. Then I came to the assumption: anything I was instantly enamoured by faded away over time or maybe when I got to know more about that thing or person or place. That beyond that instant moment the sensation was gone. And anything I was currently enamoured by (see the paragraph on my boyfriend) wasn’t instant but rather gradual or after I knew more about it, or had more experiences.

And I have no problem with this I know what enamours me and I know why, just because it wasn’t instant doesn’t make it any less enamouring… Actually come to think of it SERINDIPTY the word its self, it enamoured me the first time I heard it and it was quickly followed by its meaning and still to this day I think it is beautiful in its word and in its meaning, I never use it in my writing or when I talk because I think it is just to perfect on its own to be incorporated into something else. I still quite enjoy the movie as well.

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