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Taking Stock

Posted on: October 23, 2012

1) Has anything about your writing surprised you?

What’s surprised me is how much I have come to enjoy writing, before I felt kind of silly writing things down like the prompts we have done, but I have come to enjoy them as well as the pieces I have produced. Also the amount of emotion that I put into my writing shocked me, the way I was able to open up in certain pieces and tap into something I may not have known was there. But what has shocked me the most is that I feel that writing is something that I am better at than I thought some of the pieces I have produced I really enjoy.

2) What do you think is your most effective piece? Your least effective piece? Why?

I think my most effect piece is “Awake” because it was the piece I work shopped I put some thought into the topic before I wrote it, and struggled with if what I desired to write about was to personal. After I took my ten minutes and wrote the piece I sat on it a few days to make sure I really wanted to share it, finally I posted it and I felt proud of what I had created possibly because I was so emotionally invested in it.

My least effective piece is “Vice” because when I first read the prompt I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, but then I googled the word vice because I wasn’t 100% sure I got what the prompt was asking. When I read the definition my previous idea no longer fit. This was also the last prompt I had to do for the week so I just forced it out when I didn’t feel committed to what I was writing and because of this I feel its very weak.

3) What challenges have you faced in completing the pieces?

The most challenging thing I find is when after reading a prompt something doesn’t come to you right away, in some cases a few days later something will come to me. But if I just don’t feel an attachment to the response then I feel like the piece I write doesn’t come out as good or I just don’t like it as much.

Another challenge I face is dealing with emotions I’m not comfortable sharing I always struggle if I should focus on something. The fact that for the most part it is anonymous helps allot.

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