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Posted on: October 27, 2012

You want to know about an old lover that I can’t get off my mind. And what’s the attraction to them? Well if I had taken this class last year this answer would be completely different, but then sometimes  I think that the point of these prompts, it shows where we are now and what’s important to us now. But anyway I can tell you that I don’t think about old boyfriends there is no pull to them, they weren’t a complete waste of time but there defiantly not worth my time any more.

Yes I’m in a relationship now and yes I’m head over heels in love with this boy, we’ve been dating six months and I can honestly say were still acting like were in the honeymoon stage, or at least I still have that butterfly excitement every time I see him. Some times I feel pathetic the way I miss him when were apart for a few days, even though I know he’s just around the corner and I could be at his door or him at mine in a matter of minutes if it was necessary. Sometimes it blows my mind how perfect he is, and I can’t help but wonder why he was available for me? But maybe its because he’s perfect for me and no one else, maybe this boys my soul mate, I guess I’ll have to wait and see what comes our way and where the future brings us.

Now I’m not saying I’m ready to run off and get married, but it could be a possibility in the distant future, I think we both still have some growing up to do. But sometimes I can’t help but think how amazing he is and how perfect he is, and I wonder what he sees in me. But I think he feels the same way about me J

Now where do my past loves fit into this? Well that’s it they don’t this is my relationship its completely different from there’s and if anything I would just want them to see us together to know how completely blissfully happy I am J

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