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Posted on: October 27, 2012

I don’t know when I started getting allergies but I know I didn’t always have them. And each year they seemed to get worse, fall and spring and now even most of the summer, you’d think id love winter because its my only allergy release. I use to get sick a lot so every sore throat and runny nose I just saw as a cold and didn’t think anything of it. One spring it morphed into a cough and I was drained no energy and coughing up flem left and right so I went to my family doctor. “Allergies” he said here take this nose spray shoot it up each nostril 2 times a day. I had never had a nose spray and the thing looked scary, it smelt like flower which I find to be a little ironic since flowers are like a symbol of allergies. But I took it and it worked, I was shocked that what I thought to be a cold was just allergies.

Well into my first year of university I was struck with this awful cold, coughing aching, fever and chills, my nose was running a mile a minute and I was coughing up gross stuff like no other, it was like my body had overnight turned into a snot factory. So to the doctors I went, “Allergies he said” take this nose spray twice a day in each nostril. I was Shocked this time I was 100% sure it was a cold or flu, and with the swine flu going around it could of been that. But sure enough a few days of nose spray and I was good to go.

The next year came around and I was prepared, I am going to get sick again and its going to be my allergies, so I went to the doctor when I felt it coming on. I whined and moaned. She gave me a prescription for once again nose spray. Before spring even had its chance to rear its ugly head, I was using my nose spray I was going to beat these allergies head on. I got a really bad cough again this time I couldn’t shake it tho, I tried everything. My nose was so stuffed I had no sense of smell. I went to the doctors expecting the usual its allergies line but what I got instead nearly toppled me over. “I’m going to give you two inhalers for you asthma”, “excuse me” I Said, “But I don’t have asthma”, the doctor turned to me with a cocked eyebrow and said I can tell you right now you do. “do you not normally take an inhaler?”, “Never in my life” I responded, well the doctor didn’t seem to concerned so I went off with my in halers, I used them as I was directed day in and day out. It got better I didn’t cough as much but I didn’t feel like I was being cured, and on top of that I was devastated to hear I had asthma. Time went on about 3 months and my sense of smell didn’t return I began to think I had damaged my sense of smell.

When time came to move at the end of the school year, the moving of my bed provided all the answers. Mould I was breathing it in and it was infecting my lungs. Once I got into the new house all my symptoms started to clear up, my sense of smell returned and my asthma was cured!


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