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Posted on: October 31, 2012

Potatoes really, well  I guess they are kind of a staple food I mean you can do so much with them. Mash them, bake them, boil them fry them. You can add almost anything to them, different spices, sour cream, salad dressing, oil, salt and pepper. And there’s different kinds, white ones yellow ones red ones sweet ones. I like sweet potatoes the best.

The town im from is famous for there French fries, I mean they are really good but its more about the fact that they are sold out of chip trucks under the blue water bridge. Which connect Sarnia and Port HuronMichigan, its very beautiful and the st.clair river runs under it. In the summer we float down the river and then get fries after.

My mom makes French fries a lot, but not those crappy frozen in a bag ones they disgust me, she makes them fresh from potatoes, and deep fries them. I always thought this was normal but a lot of my friends think its weird we own a deep fryer, but all we make in it is French fries. It’s the deep fryer she got for a wedding present actually, she got a newer one not that long ago and then gave it to me. I don’t use it a lot but sometimes you just crave French fries, really greasy ones. When im hung-over I make the French fries into nachos by baking them with cheese, onions, peppers, bacon and parmesan cheese. When  I eat them I dip them in ranch, I know its really bad but soo good! If im really lazy I’ll go some where and get a poutine yumm that’s a get hangover cure.

Ok but back to just potatoes, my parents buy huge bags of them from the farmers market and they keep them in the pantry under the stairs. And by the time your getting to the end of the bag they’ve all started to grow eyes. I haven’t seen a sweet potatoes grow eyes as big as a normal potatoes, but they grow purple instead of white. Much cooler!!!  Now that I think of it that would be very Halloweenish. Well not to sure what else to say about potatoes, so I think were done here. POTATOE


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