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October Thirty-first

Posted on: November 3, 2012

 Halloween costumes oh my there have been many!!! I’ll try to do this chronologically, when I was too young to voice my own opinion I believe I was a clown a time or two. Then later when I could walk I wore this pumpkin costume defiantly more than once it was orange felt that someone had made and it had elastic around all the hole where your arms and legs stick you and you stuffed it with newspaper to make it big a puffy. Then you wore green tights and there was a orange hat with a stem on top that elastic on to your head. I’m pretty sure a few times I wore it my face was painted orange. There’s a picture of me when I was really young dressed up as a chicken I have ZERO memory of this and have no idea why I would have wanted to be that.

            Later when I started to have enough imagination to pick my own costumes, I was a fairy quite a few times I still have those wings I wore and they still have quite a bit of glitter considering every time you put them on you find glitter on you for weeks after. I remember one year just wearing my dance costume and saying I was a dancer, I think I was just really excited to be in dance. I was a witch and Frankenstein that’s when I decided I really wanted to be something scary for Halloween. Another year I was a genie but not just any genie the genie from I Dream of Genie I was obsessed with that show which was weird because it was so old but I watched it every morning at my baby sitters.

 My probably most creative costume was a dead girl on Broadway  I don’t know where I got this idea from but we went full on with it, I wore all black and had sparkles everywhere, long white gloves and one of those cigarette sticks, I had no idea what it was but my mom said  I needed it. I had tons of stings of pearls on and a bright red boa. Then my dad painted my face all white like I was dead and there was blood everywhere, I’m not sure how I had died but it was bloody.

That one sticks out the most I was Avril lavinge once when she was popular, I was a fairy a few more times in high school, then I was a fire fighter and in grade 12 I was super man. That one was pretty creative considering I bought a 12 year old boys one piece costume. I split up the different parts and crafted it into a pretty cool costume.

Since university Halloween has become like a week long event and god forbid you wear the same costume twice, this year I only went out once as a girl guide and I’m glad that was it. Its exhausting to come up with all these creative ideas and then make them or go out looking for all the pieces.


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