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Posted on: November 7, 2012

What has been your reaction to the three texts you’ve read (Maus, My Dark Places and Prozac Diary)?

By starting with Maus I found my self questioning what a memoir really was, I was picturing more of a autobiography of shorts, but with Maus and its style as a graphic novel I was shocked at the amount of content that was displayed both through the text and the visuals.

My dark places I was shocked at the content that was included about James Ellroy’s personal life, details I didn’t know if I saw the necessity in the text, or maybe just not the level of detail included. I was also shocked at the way he talked of his mother especially the fact that she was dead. It allowed me to see into someone else’s way of viewing the world.

Prozac Diary was a very interesting read it opened my mind to the world of mental illness and the fascinating world of new pharmaceuticals. Like the Ellroy book this book allowed me to see into someone else’s head and understand slightly there thinking process and the way they viewed the world.

Which author do you prefer in terms of style?

I preferred Maus the most because the style was so unique, I had never read a graphic novel before, and the pictures as well as the text said equal amounts of stuff. Also I enjoyed that it was a story within a story of Art trying to rehash the story from his father and there were more interesting information in this back and forth exchange that added to the content of the piece.


Which text has the best content?

I found both Maus and Prozac Diary to have the best content. Maus because I am very interested in personal accounts of times of war being a history student, but I had head similar accounts before. Prozac diaries was incredibly interesting to me as well since I had never known what Prozac had done or any of the back ground for it, as well this created a picture of what it is like to experience first hand a mental illness and the treatment behind it. I also feel that Prozac diaries would lend a lot to the content about mental illness and the awareness of it.

Which text, if any, do you find most relatable? Why?

I find Prozac Diaries the most relatable, because of the way she maps out her thinking, you can follow it and understand where she’s going and how she’s gotten there. As well through this you can find something relatable even though the circumstances are not ones you have experienced


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