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Posted on: November 8, 2012

What did I start over and over again? When I first saw the word repeat I thought of putting a song on repeat. Because more than anything that is what I start over and over again the most. Sometimes more than most for me you find a song that just resonates somewhere deep inside for you.

Most of the times it’s the deep and meaningful lyrics, and the way the song writer has strung together the most perfect combination of words, like they had looked deep into your soul and pulled it out just for you to put into words what you couldn’t.

Some times its those songs that maybe they have dumb lyrics or they don’t relate to you, or maybe the lyrics don’t even make sense but the beat is catchy and it just makes you want to dance every time you hear it, like you’re a five year old again.

For me this happens often, I actually have to spend time trying to not over play songs so I don’t get completely sick of them. A lot of times I become obsessed with songs before they hit the radio, so months later when they are finally making there appearance on radio charts I’ve already heard it over 100 times.

I’m also one of those people who still buys albums, no I don’t download it off iTunes. I go to the store and pick it up of the shelf so I have a physical copy of it in my hand. Then when I get home I play the whole thing beginning to end a number of times. It was made as a whole why not listen to it as a whole. But then I’ll become obsessed with a song that isn’t the title track and isn’t all you hear every time you turn on the radio or tv. But 4 months later when they decided to make a music video and this becomes the new single again I’ve already burned it out. This is why I don’t often listen to the radio.

One CD one artist in particular I link hand in hand with my obsession with repeating songs. Ed Sheeran I first heard one of his songs around April of this year. He’s from the U.K so I don’t even think his cd was out  there yet, but I had to wait till July for it to come to Canada. So I was on YouTube everyday playing his music from videos people had made. I became obsessed, when I finally got the cd in my hands  I played it over and over at least 30 times, I slowly stopped this. A month or so went by I put it back on and here we went again constantly on repeat. Even now as I write this the cd in its case sits on the side of my desk I’ve never stored it away because I will just bring it back out there is no point.

I love every song on this CD each and every one, some more than others but there isn’t a single on I skip. He just accompanied Taylor swift on a track I loved it, it was pure genius. He’s started to sky rocket to fame and I find my self feeling proud each time he reaches a new milestone, because his music and his lyrics are just so detailed I feel like we know each other, how else could he so perfectly describe how I feel or why else would he tell me the intimate details of his life.


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