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Posted on: November 11, 2012

I’m not so sure I believe in luck, actually scratch that I do. I just don’t reley on it. When ever my family is pooling money to buy lottery tickets I don’t join in. I never buy them on my own, I don’t gamble slot machines are stupid to me and I can’t play cards well enough to win money. So I don’t waste my time on it. There are people who are so drawn in by this idea of striking it big! And they are just counting on there luck, and most times it doesn’t pull through, hence the numerous billboards portraying the dangers of gambling addiction. I think its more of a reliance on luck that just hasn’t panned out.

This seems like a good outlook I have. When I get lucky its 100 times more satisfying its something you weren’t expecting. For example I put my name in a draw at a demonstration in the mall one day, I only did it because they give you free stuff if you do. Any way a few weeks later I got a call, you won a $50 gift card. I was so excited I’d never really won anything before. It wasn’t a huge deal but still so exciting, it was something I didn’t have before and I really didn’t do anything to get. So I was feeling pretty lucky, any way weeks and weeks went by and I hadn’t received the gift card. So I felt my excitement fade. Then one day when I forgot about it I got it in the mail just an envelope with my name on it. The gift card was inside nothing else. So I used the gift card and was very happy with my purchases. Then about a month later I received an email apologizing for the delay and my prize was mailed that day. I assumed this was just an email that was late or had been forgotten about. But a few days later in my mail box I found an identical envelope and inside again a $50 gift card nothing more. While I know this was probably due to error on the company’s side, I didn’t look at it like that at all. But rather I was very lucky to the be recipient of this mistake. When I told people they said wow lady luck is on your side you need to buy a lottery ticket. But I didn’t because to me that is just a very small probability I’ll win and nothing more. And while the odds are against your favour you can’t get lucky unless you buy a ticket. But I look at it like that two dollars I didn’t waste on a ticket that most likely didn’t win. I don’t factor luck into it because it isn’t something you can count on. Therefore I don’t!


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