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Posted on: November 11, 2012

I truly and deeply believe that when something I over you just know it deep down in side, in that pit of your stomach, that ached with anxiety as it came to an end. No matter how much you want it to be over before like that bad for you boyfriend it’s really not over until you can feel it in your stomach. You can think about it and feel no pull, you just know. It’s over. Well this is my case with relationships, there not over till your truly accept with your mind and your heart that they are over. It doesn’t matter how bad you want it to be over, its not over till your heart let go to.

But there’s other things that can be over, those usually have signs like the highway or road your on, or movies and TV shows they have credits. But sometimes there’s something that just side swipes you and it’s over, like you got fired or you failed out of school. These things are different and for some reason they are over. You know there are over but you didn’t expect it, so your not ready for it to be over, but it is and there is nothing you can do. This leaves the worst feeling in the pit of your stomach. A feeling of longing and desire.

When your favourite book ends, or your favourite TV show, you have to accept that its over. But in the back of your mind you’re always hoping for your show to get picked up for just one more season, or despite what the author said there will be another book. These things are over but there is that chance they might not be, there’s a small glimmer of hope that they will come back to you again.

No matter it is, you can almost always tell when it is over, weather you want it to be or not it is, and in most opportunities there isn’t much you can do about it. It is just a part of life. But you will move on and get over whatever is over and on to the next until that too is over. Or hell maybe it will last forever, because if we didn’t think like this life would just be a series of endings, and that is the glass half empty way to look at it.


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