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a)  how has your writing developed since beginning the OFFA pieces?

I have found that im not too sure if my OFFA pieces have improved, because I found the quality my response was often based on the prompt its self, and if it sparked interest in me. Rather than how long and how much I had been writing. But I have found that my writing that I look to polish and improve has grown and improved, I think this has been mostly due to the seminar sessions where we work shopped pieces  people including myself have written, seeing what works and what didn’t work ahs helped me develop my writing.

b)  how would you characterize your personal writing style?

I am not sure that I have a particular writing style that I can describe, YET. But I did pretty much zero writing before this class but I hope to do some beyond this course, and I am sure one day I will be able to fit my writing style into a particular category.

c)  would your six word memoir be different today?

My six word memoir at the beginning of the year was “I am just not there yet” and I feel it works even more now than I did then. I can even put that in terms of  my writing as I did in the question above, I feel my writing is not fully developed, and I can still do lots to improve my practice. Therefore I am just not there yet still applies as I feel like it will in most points in my life. Maybe if I had more than ten minutes I could generate a six word memoir more specific to my writing and experience in this class.

d)     what have you learned about yourself and your writing through the process?

I think the most important thing I learned about my self through this course was that I can write decently, that surprised me most. As well the amount of personal information I was able to share over the internet through the OFFA prompts this shocked me and caused me to reassess some of my values regarding sharing on the internet. All in all I think this has been a great experience for everyone involved.